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6 things women want on a first date

Man she’s hot. Smokin’ and OMG she’s agreed to a date. When is it? Tomorrow night? OK, breathe, relax, we got this. Here are our 6 tips on what women want on a first date.

1.Do your homework. OK, her cute profile pic is ultimately what did it for you but drag your gaze away from that sexy smile and actually read her profile would ya? Girls notice this stuff. What does she do? What are her interests? Do you detect a sense of humour in her narrative? Profiles are great at giving you instant insider knowledge on the type of person you’re going to meet which you don’t get when you meet at a bar. Use this to your advantage. Her favourite colour is orange? Pick up a bouquet of bright orange flowers. She loves chocolate? Bring a perfectly wrapped hand-selected box from a choc-deli or a clever bouquet of choc lollipops! Love that. Does she love travel? Art? Adventure? Loan or source a second hand book (charity shop, women dig this) on an inspiring adventurer or travel writer.

2. Manners, dear boy. We always encourage you to be yourself on a date but try and refrain from talking with your mouth full. Nothing is so important it can’t be said after you’ve swallowed your food. Don’t interrupt her conversation. Be polite to any waiting or serving staff (we hope you always are) and allow her to order drinks or food from the menu first unless she’s seriously dithery and you’re starving. It’s still blurred lines with regards to this modern women thing but deep down, women still love a Gent. Remember, you’re not with your mates no matter how comfy she makes you feel, so no talk of graphic sex, vomit of any other bodily secretions. Not yet anyway. No, in fact – never. TMI.

3. Be complimentary. Many men forget to compliment their date’s appearance. Do it subtly, not borderline pervy with dribbling. There must be something about her outfit, shoes, hair or the way she smells that you like. Try not to list all four in one go, it’s little insincere and freaky, frankly.

4. Ask her about HER. We get it. You’re nervous and you’re trying to get her to like you sharp wit, funny stories and life-highlights. But be so busy painting a picture of yourself you leave with a blank canvas on her. If she’s to be the future love of your life, it’s best you know a little about the potential mother of your children, right? Listen, don’t just nod while you’re thinking about what you’re going to say next. Listen, ask, listen, ask…

5. Don’t show-off. When guys show-off or try to impress there’s a fine line between them looking confidence and well, like a complete ****head to be honest.  Loud overbearing voices, threats to the waiters with a steak knife and name-dropping are all out. We know you want to impress but you don’t have to brag about the amount of pull-ups you can do, how long you can hold the plank for or how brilliantly you can corner a sports car. Yawn. She’s not a bloke.  Women are wired differently and are more impressed by tales of charity donations, how much you love your mum and dogs and just the simple fact you’ve listened to her (point 4) during this date.

6. Leave her wanting The evening’s almost over. You like her, she seems to like you, it’s time to pull out that proverbial ace. Unless she’s South London and you’re North, offer to accompany her home with no strings. It shows you care and gives her the option to get home safely and invite you in for a coffee if she wants. If she declines, don’t push it. She’s either tired, not into doing it on the first date or not into you, dare we say. Either way, tell her you’ve had a wonderful evening and have really enjoyed her company then, tip your cap and jauntily stroll off into the evening…

So there you have it. In summary, be fabulous, smell nice, be kind, sincere and thoughtful.

It’s what women want.



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