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5 ways to date away those January blues…

Ah January. We’ve mixed feeling about you. The Christmas festivities are over, our waistbands are that bit tighter, our bank balances that bit lighter, and it’s back to work we go. Perhaps this is why dating sites see the biggest surge in new members from Boxing day and throughout January which, if you’re single, is darn good news, right?

So, tempting as it is to stay in, detox, save your pennies and munch on a single lettuce leaf, having a shiny new date(s) on the horizon is an instant mood lifter, non? It’s like Christmas all over again…

London is alive with thousands of mood-enhancing events just waiting to get your mojo firing for 2018. Here how to date away those January blues:

1.Forget Foodie Dates: Suggesting you don’t dinner date seems pretty acceptable in January. We’ve often eaten our entire body weight in turkey, mince pies, cheese and Quality Street so no one is really up for foodie dates. Suggest you meet for coffee instead (hold the syrup) or after work drinks which won’t tie you into a long date if they’re not stirring up the chemistry. Ta da!

2.Be shellfish: So you do want to eat huh? OK. If you’re both seafood lovers, suggest a fish joint (there are many dotted around the city) or order the fish at your fave eaterie. Why? Research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids block chemicals called cytokines that can cause low mood. Oily fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna), are all good sources so catch some good brain vibes together.

3. Move it! Thirty minutes of activity can not only lift your mood, but help tackle the Christmas bulge too. Why not suggest a romantic stroll along the Southbank or in one of the fabulous parks the city has to offer. We’re a bit partial to Richmond Park  and Hyde Park which also offers hilarious boating options too (think Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones) but they’re all fab. And walking is FREE! Result! Don your comfy shoes for this one.

4. Pick a fun date: Suggest a mood-lifting, laugh-inducing date. This could be a funny movie, a comedy night date or maybe trying something new together (ample giggling opportunities) such as dance classes, roller skating or trampolining!

5. Licence to Thrill: There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush to blow away the January blues. Do something with a date that slightly thrills you. Maybe it’s as Ice Climb (yup, a real 8m ice wall sits at the Ellis Brigham store in Covent Garden) or a climbing wall such as the Mile End Climbing Wall  could rock. Pick a taster session. There are many other vertical thrills located around London.

So there you have it. Drop kick those January blues over the fence and charge into 2018. It’s gonna be your year you know. Coming?



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