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5 ways to refresh your dating game

ReneeInjecting a warm, sunny Australian glow to our chilly Autumnal days is Renee Slansky from love, dating and relationship blog

Renee joins us to dust off those old dating cobwebs and share tips on how to refresh that crusty old dating technique (frankly, we’re already sold on that lovely red lippy, Renee…)

It can be incredibly frustrating when we feel like we are doing everything we can but just aren’t meeting the right person. Going round in circles and having repetitive bad dates one after the other is a sure way to convince ourselves that maybe being single and living with 34 cats doesn’t seem that bad after all! However before you decided to give up and throw in the towel let’s have a look at few practical ways you can refresh the dating game and make it more successful the second (or 15th) time round:

1: Get creative!

This means it’s time to think outside the box and start exploring new and different ways to meet people. Don’t limit yourself just to what you have used or experienced in the past, ask a single friend if they have any ideas or want to join you in your quest for finding new opportunities to meet possible dates online.  Hit those singles parties, there are loads of ways to meet people, you just need to get resourceful and savvy then put a plan into action. Get yourself out there.

2: Refresh your profile.

It’s time to give your profile a make- over! It’s true that we choose a date purely from their photo so here’s a few little tips that may help you get dated:

  • Choose a photo that shows your eyes well and smile, keep it warm and friendly
  • Don’t have 50 other people in your photo, there’s no point trying to keep everyone guessing which one you are.
  • Keep your clothes on and leave more to the imagination.
  • Make your text interesting, light hearted, positive and honest.
  • Cheesy jokes and lines like “we can just say we met at a bar instead of online…*wink wink” is so overdone and so not funny.
  • Don’t write your life story, keep it short and tell them in person instead.
  • Don’t write a list of demands of what you want but rather give a brief description of what you are looking for.

And remember to be honest and specific , no point pretending to be Angelina Jolie or George Clooney, who you are is unique and valid , so don’ hide behind a farce!

3: Make a list of what you want.

It may seem like such a high school thing to do, but actually getting everything out of your head and down onto paper is a good way to assess if what you want is realistic and healthy. It also gives you a chance to really think about what is important vs what is ideal in a partner. Categorise all the attributes if you need to, get down to the specifics and be honest with yourself. Then write a list of what you can contribute to the relationship and what you feel you fairly deserve. The key is to re-read these lists and to remind yourself what you are looking for. It’s not about trying to find someone who ticks all the boxes but remembering what is really worth holding out for. Don’t settle for less just for the sake of having someone…wait for that special person!

4: Take a break.

This means if you have been going on date after date non- stop, then perhaps it’s time to take a breather and just fly solo for a while. It’s too easy to fall into a bad routine which makes us become cynical, lose joy or perspective, and after all dating should be fun and spontaneous, so if you feel like you are in a rut just stop for a few weeks or even months and focus on other things . You’ll know when you’re ready to start again because you will be excited to!

5: Try something and someone new

Whilst we all get set in our ways with our ‘perfect type’ but how’s that working out for you?  It’s also good to step out of the box once in a while to broaden your perspective and perhaps even your heart. I’m not saying go for someone completely opposite to the norm, but don’t limit yourself to the perfect ideal man or woman you have in your head, sometimes people can surprise you . Same goes for the actual date, change venues, make it fun and fresh and step outside your comfort zone.

Happy Dating!

Renee x

Renee Slansky is am Australian model, TV presenter, writer and motivational speaker, and whose love for romance compelled her to start this online community for women. Her writings offer a witty and relative outlook with practical advice on life and romance in the 21st century.

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