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Girls only: top 5 romantic chick-lits


So you may have read recently that many men prefer women to laugh at their jokes rather than tell them. Nope, we’re not even joking. Women? Funny? Never. When did this happen? Lean in a a little closer fellas ‘cos we’re actually quite hilarious.

So while we wait for men to step into this century, here’s our hot pick of five female who are busting the bookshelves with tales of romance, wit-firing sassy girl leads, depth, darkness and a healthy dollop of the bloody funny. Commuting, holidaying or just chilling at the weekend, make time to enjoy!

You, boy. Stop peeking.

ThirtyListThe Thirty List by Eva Woods

Eva also writes as crime writer Clare McGowan so expect dry humour throughout this story which centres around thirty year old Rachel, a divorcee who’s broke, jobless and living in a box room belongong to a grumpy single dad. A ‘patholgical’ list-maker, Rachel attempts to write her way her way of trouble with her own recovery plan of challenging things to do. Does she do it? Does she really need to..?

TakeYouI Take You by Eliza Kennedy

If the title rings a bell it’s because we gave five copies to five lucky winners last month. Lily Wilding is about to get married to the ‘perfect’ guy but let’s just say she’s having doubts as she’s shagging any fella she comes across as the big day draws near. The book certainly challenges what women really want out of love n’ life and whether it really is the happy fairytale ending us gals are supposed to seek. What will Lily choose?

EatMyHeartOutEat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger

A ‘smart hipster satire’ this novel follows the adventures of young Ann-Marie whose life has crumbled and it’s everybody else’s fault but hers. Heartbroken and skint, she think love will get her through but her destructive friendship with feminist Stephanie could be her savior or undoing.if you’re slightly crazy and love twitter, this hilarious tale will hit the spot.

MeNotYouIt’s Not Me, It’s You by Mhaira Mcfarlane

The title kinda got us giggling, a good start by the author of ‘You Had Me At Hello.” Modern gal Delia proposes to her boyfriend and everything look just rosy. And then he sends her a text meant for his secret girlfriend. Ah. Still, it’s sharp and very funny and described as a ‘sparky comedy’ by Grazia magazine. Anything is possible in love. A must-read chic-lit, be prepared to LOL.

SunlitThe Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein

On a tiny island in the Norwegian sea (liking this already) Frances and Yasha find seek refuge in each other despite both escaping heartbreak initially wanting to be alone. Ninety five miles north of the Arctic circle, they find warmth, love and humour, all told in nimble, sure-footed prose. A holiday read, we think.


Can you recommend any other great chick-lit’s? Tell us @lovestruck

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